Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling 2018-02-12T14:12:20+00:00

Hideal Partners places financial modeling at the heart of its advisory activity. Its in-depth industry knowledge across the main European markets combined with strong technical and analytical capabilities allows Hideal Partners to offer specialised industry-focused financial models.

Typically, Hideal Partners advises on and assists in building complex financial models to enable investors to take strategic decisions through the analysis of cashflows, returns, indexes, bankability and project risks. Hideal Partners’ experience means it is able to support its clients in all aspects of financial analysis, including:

  • structuring and reviewing valuation models based on a DCF valuation methodology, IRR calculations and payback period;
  • analysing project assumptions (i.e. business, financial, accounting, tax, etc);
  • developing, analysing and executing the best achievable financial solutions to maximise transaction returns;
  • examining the relative sensitivity of quantitative inputs, with identification and ranking of the key drivers and risks of a business model;
  • developing complex tariff based revenue scenarios for the regulated businesses, also working in partnership with REF Ricerche, a prominent independent advisory firm with proven track record in advising major companies and governmental bodies operating in regulated businesses, on regulatory matters and business implications; for a full description of our partnership with REF Ricerche, please download the brochure.